This shirt was created to be a conversation starter. To be a voice for those that have been silenced by their abusers. Whether you are an advocate for the scared, an abassodor for the broken, or a overcomer of your own past abuse, this shirt is more than just a piece of cloth with words, it is HOPE. If you know someone who has been through abuse and want to represent their voice or you yourself have gone through abuse as a child and never had the chance to speak up..this is your moment. With each purchase made you equip 5 kids with materials and gifts that teach them that abuse is not ok and what they should do in situations if they are being abused. Lets spread awareness of abuse together. Thank you for your contribution. Thank you. 

T-Shirt-Scream OUT Loud : Stop The Silence of Abuse


    Madi & Abby


    Lewis Center, OH, USA

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