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Lewis Center, OH, USA

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  Hello, My name is Fareeda (Unique) and I am the mother of 3 amazing children Re’Yonna, Kaiden & Nathalie whom are the very reason I’ve learned to love so deeply & give freely. I’ve created RNK Unique Scentiments because there are so many children in this world who don’t experience that capacity of love from others. Some need a little extra help in order to grow, to find their purpose and strength to make it through tough times without a family. Throughout my life I’ve met many remarkable people who have had humble beginnings, or grew up within unlikely circumstances. Fostering love for other’s while giving selflessly is a quality possessed by few. I’m here to shed LIGHT on the situation and create support for all many of the children that are awaiting adoption; age out of the system or feel they’ve been forgotten. By supporting my company you’ll be assisting in helping children who are less fortunate, residing in foster care/homes. By purchasing personalizes candles and other items that are to come made by RKN Unique Scentiments you’ll help us be that LIGHT to those children or families fostering children! While assisting me to foster forever impressions and giving a light of hope in the heart of children in need. 
Be a Unique light, illuminate wherever you go.


RKN Unique Scentiments Candle Co.