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Making A Difference In Society

At just 4 years old Madison went with her mother and a group of her mothers friends to go feed the homeless. That day she met a young boy her age sleeping on the concrete with his mother, and it moved her. Madison did not know that kids were homeless and hungry too! That encounter alone sparked a flame of servitude  inside of her that has now grown into a wildfire. At just 7 years old not only has she started her own candle business, but she started her own non profit organization called MADIS Foundation which stands for; Making A Difference In Society. She has dedicated a specific amount from each candle sale to help aide in feeding, clothing, and sheltering those in need. If you would like to make a difference in your corner of the world you can join MADIS Foundation by being a "Friend, Keeper, or Ambassador."

Friend- Being MADIS Friend means that you are a member. Each month you will receive inspirational and encouraging newsletters filled with ideas that will help you make a difference in your own life and the community that surrounds you.

Keeper- Being MADIS Keeper means that you are a friend PLUS a volunteer.  Each month you can volunteer your time by helping us in various ways give back to the community.

Ambassador- Being MADIS Ambassador means that you pledge to donate you time and money to MADIS foundation to better help serve your community.You can sign up by filling out the link below.

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